Naud book cover

Lights, Camera, Madison Avenue: The Golden Age of Advertising
by Robert Naud is now available for purchase from the publisher, as well as Amazon!

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Robert Naud brings alive, with humor and intimate knowledge, the workings of the advertising industry on Madison Avenue. His take on that business is, I daresay, much more fun and wholesome than the portrayals we’ve become accustomed to through various TV programs. The author demonstrates throughout this fun book that his mind is a multimedia, creative one that zeroes in on the objective with prescience and humor. Who else would, for example, so breezily conceive of 36 funny Excedrin headache moments, that incorporated humor while at the same time emphasizing the remedy Excedrin provides? I highly recommend this book and promise you will enjoy it. Well worth five stars“.
Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou, PhD, Author, former Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.
(February 27, 2016)

A fascinating story. A must read.
Catherine C. Brawer.
(March 1, 2016)

“As a former employee of McCann-Erickson, I found this book to give the best overview of the history of advertising I’ve ever read. It brought back great memories.”
David Platt, Investment Analyst
(February 25, 2016.)

Make no mistake there are plenty of excellent new books out there and Lights,Camera, Madison Avenue, The Golden Age of Advertising, by Robert Naud, tops the present list. How so? By most interestingly recounting the history of advertising in the United States, then plainly exploring the little-known production arena revealing how commercials for major advertisers are made, in addition to examining today’s world of network broadcasting and its endless pursuit of delivering specific audiences to advertising messages for profit. I found this book most informative and a delight to read.”
Amazon Customer

Lights,Camera, Madison Avenue, The Golden Age of Advertising, is the best book “out there” on advertising to date. Awesomely informative and entertaining, producer Robert Naud’s book delivers an experience not to be missed, His extensive background in television commercial production places the reader in the very center of the business of advertising at its height in the 1960s and the early 1970s.”
Andrew Stern, attorney
(March 14, 2016),

Naud’s keen sense of humor has made his amazing Lights, Camera, Madison Avenue, a uniquely compelling book, abounding with the author’s intimate knowledge of advertising per se, and the golden age of advertising in particular. I’d place it as the most interesting book on advertising I’ve been exposed to and I’m a heavy reader. Speaking of readers, this book provides countless chuckles amidst a well-drawn and exacting picture of advertising and of network broadcasting. Five stars for sure.
Robert Crane, Business consultant and efficiency expert.
(March 8, 2016)